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In celebration of Black History Month, a local art gallery will host an event at the Piedmont Arts Gallery in Martinsville, Va., on Saturday, April 22 to showcase new African-American artists and live performances by local blues singers. Pyingmont arts offers an exciting stage for a variety of artists as well as a live performance by local blues musicians.

Scott Dalton, known as Rupe, will be on display at Gallery Hall, while local blues singers Pat O'Hara and Darryl Brown will perform live. There, Hall says, "there will also be a performance by Kernersville sculptor Michael Wayne Smith, whose work focuses on ancient art and wood carving. Dalton and another airbrush artist will present their work and present nearly 150 original works, all of which will be on display.

Dalton held a one-man show at Piedmont Arts in Martinsville, Va., and won Best of Show at the Virginia Arts Council's annual show, Best in Show.

The works of local and regional artists are exhibited at Lynwood Artists Gallery, named after the group of artists who founded Piedmont Arts and curated the gallery. In 2017, it opened an open-air gallery and installation art space with works by artists Ed Wright, David Hockney and David Wright.

Important exhibits in three of the six galleries of the museum: Hooker, Garrett and Pannill galleries at Box Mezzanine and Museum of Contemporary Art, Richmond. The museum also offers guided tours of the Discovery Room and a museum tour of the galleries.

The art club is also available to students, consisting of group and community projects typically shown in middle school. In addition, teachers and community musicians offer weekly wind instrument lessons on the Carlisle campus. We have exhibited works at the Foster Gallery of the museum, which shows rotating exhibits of student works.

Piedmont Arts is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm. The museum is open Monday-Friday, 9-17; Saturday, 10-15; Tuesday-Sunday, 11-15, with special events on weekends.

Primary and secondary school pupils are confronted with plays, musical performances and artist workshops as part of the museum's public relations work. Piedmont Arts programs are partially supported by the Virginia Department of Arts and Humanities and the City of Martinsville, as well as the Martin County School District.

Exhibits, educational programs and publications of all ages translate the scientific research of the museum curators into easily understandable language and concepts. Students are confronted with a variety of artistic media and techniques as they learn to use art as a creative means of expression. They further expand their technical skills and knowledge of the arts by applying their understanding of the use of certain art media.

In addition to performing arts, Carlisle students also participate in dramatic and musical productions and gain experience in a variety of other arts and science programs. Students can enroll in the school's dance program for an additional fee, lower-level students attend creative movement classes every week, and upper-level students can choose from a wide range of dance classes including ballet, jazz, opera, music, theater, and more. Happy Feet also includes supplies sourced from childminders.

If hiking, biking or walking in the great outdoors is your thing, make sure you visit the Silverbell Trail, one of the most popular hiking trails in Martin County. Test your stamina and learn more about the beautiful scenic path so you can experience it for yourself. You can take a short walk along the Silver Thistle Trail and admire some beautiful sculptures and bronze pieces along the way.

Learn more about these attractions and so many more at and learn how to enjoy the diverse sounds of our community. From mountain music to classical rock and gospel, we offer weekly, monthly and annual events that will be music for all ears. We are starting to offer the Martins County experience to the family with our new family - friendly events, events and events for children and families.

If you're looking for the perfect outdoor venue for your next event, Martinsville and Henry County have plenty of options that are ideal for you. The fair will certainly be fun for people of all ages, as it offers a wide variety of activities for children and adults.

Martinsville and Henry County also have 26 parks and recreational facilities open to the public every day of the year. Several golf courses are located within the city limits, and the course is one of our most modern; it has six sports fields that host a variety of events, including athletics, football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, softball and soccer. The fields are a mixture of indoor and outdoor sports as well as outdoor activities such as tennis, golf, tennis and basketball.

The Virginia Museum of Natural History has dioramas of dinosaurs, bones, and major events that are both fun and educational. The museum features award-winning exhibits and groundbreaking scientific research, as well as the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the United States.

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