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In the latest publication, Martinsville Memories, author and photographer Stephen H. Provost explores the history of one of Virginia's oldest and most popular tourist destinations. With over 300 historical and modern images, it is an intimate look at a diverse city built on tobacco, textiles and furniture, and occupies a unique place in the nation's history.

The speedway was held at its current location on the former site of the old Martinsville Motor Speedway and was the scene of major stock car races in the spring and fall.

Martinsville and Henry County also have 26 parks and recreational facilities open to the public every day of the year. In addition, there are many private family cemeteries scattered throughout Martins County. We are able to recognize important places, people and events that have shaped the history of the MHC.

All records are available online at Virginia Memory and more information about the Martinsville and Henry County Historical Society is available on FamilySearch. For more information on the history of the MHC and its history in the state of Virginia, please visit:

Find out if Martinsville once produced more sweatshirts or was once home to one of the largest textile factories in the world and the largest sweatshirt factory in the United States. Hundreds took to the highways that connect Henry County, Virginia, with the rest of West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The altar boy, who carried the title in the name of the congregation, was a virtual being - entirely in terms of local history. The Martinsville Seven, soon known as the "Martinsville Seven," and what was then a small group of men in their twenties, thirties and forties, at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Joseph Mosby Jones was born in 1812, William Jones married Elizabeth Jones, John Green married Nannie Wells, Abram died, Mary married Silas N. Self and Joseph and Mary's son Joseph Jr.

The family settled into a cabin in North Martinsville on Jones Creek and bought a large piece of land from Mr. Whitesides. They developed and developed a small farm on the west side of the creek, near the present-day junction of the North and South Main Streets.

If you're looking for the perfect outdoor venue for your next event, Martinsville and Henry County have plenty of options that are ideal for you. Take advantage of the history and culture of Martinville with this comprehensive list. Learn more about these attractions and so many more at and start offering your family the Mart insville / Henry County experience. This beautiful old building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States and has served as a venue for many historic events such as weddings, picnics and other events.

Search Virginia Untold's library for digitized images related to African Americans in Henry County. Jump to the surnames with the literacy bar and see which books and articles on the history of Martinville and Henry County in the history of Virginia have been compiled and published.

Supported by the Virginia Genealogical Society, "Henry County, Virginia: Genealogy after death" will be available online on the Colonial Williamsburg website. For more information about Martinville and Henry County in Virginia history, visit the Virginia Library. A complete list of books and articles on the history and history of Martin County in Virginia is available online at

The Martinville Starling House and Martin County Courthouse, both on the National Register of Historic Places, were listed as part of the George Washington National Historic Landmark Historic District in Virginia.

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have in the exploration of the cemetery, historical markings and monuments. Learn more about the beautiful scenic path so you can experience it yourself.

If you have been to Martinsville, Virginia or any other part of Virginia in the past, please contact us for more information.

The Virginia Museum of Natural History has dioramas of dinosaurs, bones and major events that are both fun and educational. See what life used to be like in the historic Henry County Courthouse, housed in one of the oldest buildings in Martinsville, Virginia, the old courthouse. We offer exhibits that detail the history of our state, our history as a tourist destination and the local history. You will see a variety of artifacts from the past, such as historical buildings, monuments, buildings and monuments.

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More About Martinsville