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The North Carolina group, consisting of three sisters aged 14 to 19, will shred and harmonize mandolins to honor traditional music from the Appalachians and be one of several bands performing on Sunset Drive, organizers announced today. The New Orleans-based band Galactic will headline, and the group has a fairly significant following in the VA after performing at the annual Appalachian Music Festival in Richmond, Va., as well as other events in the region.

The Rooster Walk, scheduled for May 25-28, 2017, was named one of the top 5 festivals in Virginia last year by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The Roosters Walk has been named one of the "top five festivals" in the state, according to the Richmond Times Dispatch festival website.

The Sunset Drive, a critically acclaimed folk band from Martinsville, Va., first performed on the Rooster Walk in 2010. Complete with a rhythm section consisting of saxophone and trumpet, they began playing in their home state of Virginia in the late 1990s and early 2000s. While most members have a regular job in addition to the band, "Sunset Drive" has traveled extensively, playing venues in Virginia and adjacent states, including New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia Beach.

We know where to take the kids, find attractions, meet them in Charlotte, N.C., and learn more about them on the Rooster Walk Facebook page and on their website.

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Martinsville is located 46 miles from Danville on VA 57, and the college and university in Martinsfield include Radford University, Patrick Henry College, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Virginia Tech, where students can take satellite courses. On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, the For Alison Foundation announced that Martinville High School Jazz Band will be traveling to Radford University for the first time in its history. Burnett has worked with Joyce to plan the band's trip and other events at the university and other schools.

In addition to four days of great music, this family-friendly festival offers the opportunity to enjoy Virginia's great nature. In addition, the family-friendly Rooster Walk offers a unique and fun way to enjoy Virginia in the heart of Martinsville, Virginia, just a few miles from Radford.

Headliners are a reunited reggae band and the bluegrass band Greensky Bluegrass from Michigan. Carl Clarke, also from Martinsville, joined the band when it was formed in 1959 and is the group's original rhythm guitarist.

He recalls that Gene had a strong work ethic and didn't seem to mind keeping a full-time job, booking bands and driving team beats to jobs in Virginia and the Carolinas. He said the band played across the country and frequently crossed state lines to play at colleges and boys "clubs.

Gene hired Brian Thomason to play bass and take his younger brother to rehearsals, and Frank Koger, who ran House of Sound and Raven Records, accompanied the band to Greensboro for a gig at the Leeds Music Store in Collinsville, which was then run by Koger's close friend Bill Buckner. The beatquake of Fox swan song at their first show in Martinsville on July 4, 1967, was so great that Brian and his brother Rickie were not yet old enough to drive, but they had a way to get to Martinville.

Mitchell left Martinsville at some point, but Scott remembers singing in clubs in New York City later. In 2004, Sunset Drive began supporting the band and accompanied them on their return to the city for their first show in more than a decade at the Music Hall of Virginia.

The band built a loyal following and built a wave of national support through numerous festivals, including Lollapalooza, Electric Daisy Carnival and New York Music Fest.

They bring a groovy and varied sound to the Rooster Walk, with which you will move safely. Buck said: "We are very excited to see this band for the first time in over a decade on our return to Martinsville. In addition to the strong line-up - released last week - there are over 40 well-known local bands offering a wide variety of genres, from indie rock to hip hop, country, folk, rock, blues and more.

Gene's Team Beats is led by Gene Rumley from Martinsville, Virginia, who plays saxophone and has been booking bands called Corvettes since the beginning of his music career. Gene and drummer Mickey Walker got into the car for the second release, "Wanna Be a Baby" and went to Delaware with a couple of guys who played some kind of rhythm and blues. Today, Turkuaz, from Brooklyn, New York, is one of the most popular and respected blues and hip-hop artists in Virginia.

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