Martinsville Virginia Restaurants

Southern Virginia is known for its lakes and racing history, but there is perhaps no better example of the region's growing reputation as a culinary destination than Martinsville, Virginia. Culinary tourism is a growing trend, and visitors can enjoy new experiences and attractions while sipping a glass of wine, beer or even a bottle of champagne in one of our local restaurants.

The Martinsville - Henry County Visitor Center offers guided tours for groups of 10 or more or groups interested in learning about the history and culture of their local community. From tasting recipes prepared on Yvonne Riek's farm - fresh pork to cheese - and lessons from Connie Stone, you can experience unforgettable experiences while enjoying a glass of wine, beer or even a bottle of champagne at one of our on-site restaurants. We also offer complementary step-by-step instructions to entertain your group while you learn to decorate gourmet cupcakes.

Follow MSCE on Facebook and follow the café for daily specials that are not normally on the menu, such as grilled fish and tacos and a special menu item. On your next trip to the River District, visit one of the many restaurants and bars in the Martinsville area and enjoy delicious food.

As for variety, they cover everything with a menu that offers typical dishes such as chicken wings, chicken and waffles, burgers, sandwiches and more. With a wide menu, Bro Pete's offers several popular offerings, including $5 off regular menu items and special specials. Her culinary creations include the signature burger served on a hot dog bun or as an accompaniment to a special menu item such as a chicken sandwich.

In addition to dishes such as paella and tabbouleh, Primo's offers delicious desserts, including truffle cake and baklava. The café's gourmet coffee is complemented by a wide selection of coffees and teas and a variety of sandwiches. These sandwiches are served either on a hot dog bun or as a side dish to a special menu item, such as a chicken sandwich.

Guests can dine at Primo's while overlooking the open kitchen, watching chef Steve and his team, or dining out - watching his culinary creations from his private dining room. Guests can make use of the delivery and catering services and enjoy dinner in the courtyard or outside of the restaurant.

Stonehaus Farms, just outside Martinsville, is the place to buy fresh produce, fresh seafood and fresh meat from local Virginia farmers who source seasonal produce. Sandy River Pork in Axton offers locally grown meat with fresh eggs and Windy Ridge Farm offers a variety of locally grown produce. While enjoying a day on the water, you have the opportunity to enjoy seafood and meat from Virginia and North Carolina whenever possible. The menu at Cooper's Landing includes Black Angus - certified meat and seafood, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.

It offers fun burgers with the ability to customize them, and has a menu of mostly local craft beers that are rotted weekly, as well as a selection of local wines. The menu function allows guests to choose from a selection of toppings and customize the burger in any way they want. The restaurant also offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, sandwiches and salads with fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as a wide selection of drinks.

Travel six miles north to the city of Halifax and enjoy great food at the Grill and Grilled Chicken Grill Bar in Halifax, Virginia. Enjoy a unique brew or glass of wine with your meal, or take a bottle or a few and try the new selection of microbrews at home.

This restaurant, owned by young innkeepers Nichol and Les Cooper, offers dishes from the beautifully restored historic dining room to outdoor dining on a barred terrace. Choose from the enclosed deck, which offers a relaxing spa - like a feeling - or take the stage at the outdoor bar for a more intimate dinner experience. Classes combine relaxation, fine food and hands - on lessons in a romantic and inviting setting. Guests are served brunch, lunch, dinner and tapas, as well as wine and beer from local and national breweries.

The casual opulence in contrast to the exposed bricks creates an inviting dining experience with an open kitchen overlooking the courtyard where chef Steve and his team can be watched. The atmosphere is welcoming and Joe and Mimma offer their guests an intimate and intimate experience in their restaurant, which features a private dining room, bar and outdoor terrace.

This week - long celebration presents local products, as agriculture and tourism meet through gastronomic events. Gourmets will enjoy multi-course menus at bite-size prices, with an emphasis on fresh, regional and organic food from local farms.

The Martinsville and Henry County food scene includes award-winning barbecues and many international offerings, including Italian and Mexican. Locals and visitors alike will discover the culinary scene of Halifax County at the first - of its kind - Halifax County Food & Wine Festival. In the area there are over 100 restaurants, bars and restaurants with an emphasis on local, regional and organic food, served in various styles and styles by local and international chefs and producers. The family behind the popular Schopens restaurant, which is owned and operated, pays attention to quality and detail to ensure high-quality ingredients such as home-made cream and fresh fruit and vegetables from the farm.

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More About Martinsville